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About Chairman & Founder


Dr. P.K.S. Madhavan the man whose thought laid the foundation of AWARE has single-mindedly devoted his entire time and life for the upliftment of tribals, harijans and the poorest of poor in the society and is a bachelor wedded to his mission. He is the only son of Sri Konghot Karunakaran and Smt Parichpulli Kamakshmma of Puthucode Royal Family.

Dr. Madhavan studied Post graduation in Anthropology, joined civil services, and worked briefly for the Government for a little more than four years. Dissatisfied with his work he resigned and became a Hindu monk and spent about four years in Himalayan Mountains as a wandering monk. During this time, he learnt and practiced meditation, met spiritual gurus, read ancient scriptures like Vedas. Due to pressure from his mother, he returned home in 1974. He was encouraged to take up teaching profession and obtain a doctorate in anthropology.

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